Notice to Owner Service

Why choose The Notice Zone for your NTOs?

At The Notice Zone, we strive to make your job easy. We want to provide the best and fastest Notice to Owner service in Florida. We do not require you to set up an account with us or fill out mounds of paperwork to get started.

We are very sensitive to the strict time limits imposed on serving your notice, and we try to have all our notices out within two to three business days of your request. Rush service is available for an additional charge.

Fill out our contact form to give us some information on your situation. Let us know how we can help you. We would love to earn your business.

Useful Notice to Owner Information

According to Florida statutes, a Notice to Owner must be delivered within 45 days of your FIRST DAY on the job. We advise our clients to send us their Notice to Owner requests as soon as they begin work (or before!) to ensure that all parties are aware that they are working on the project and that they expect to be paid. Don’t wait until it is too late (45 days from your FIRST DAY of work on the project).

We charge $55.00 per Notice to Owner, plus USPS Certified Mailing fees for the notice. Most notices require one USPS Certified Mailing, but some notices for large or public projects may require more if there is a lender or surety involved, or if you are working as a subcontractor to another subcontractor on the job.

The Notice Zone does all the research to see who needs to receive a copy of your Notice to Owner.

If you need lien waivers, we have them available on our site, as well as Florida Lien forms. Click here to go to our forms page.