Notice of Intent to Lien Service

Are you considering filing a construction lien on property in Florida?

Are you having difficulty getting paid for work you have completed on a job, so you are thinking about filing a lien?  You may want to notify the proper parties that you have the intent to file a lien if you are not paid. Let The Notice Zone serve a formal Intent to Lien to the owner and other interested parties BEFORE you go through the lien filing process. Serving an Intent to Lien can be a very effective step toward getting paid. The cost for serving an Intent to Lien is $55.00, plus USPS Certified Mail fees. (Remember, if you are not in direct contract with the owner of the property, you have to serve a Notice to Owner within 45 days of your FIRST day on the project in order to have lien rights. Liens must be filed within 90 days of your LAST day on the project.)