What We Do

      Notice to Owner Service
Specializing in the Research, Preparation, Service and Management
of Florida’s Notice to Owner Forms

Sending a Notice to Owner (NTO) is an inexpensive way to obtain peace of mind. You will rest easier knowing that you have taken the steps required by Florida property lien law to secure your lien rights. All you need to do is send us the information about the project (your name and address, the name and address of the party that hired you, and the address of the property that you work on) and we will do the rest. We research, write, mail, track and confirm the delivery of your notices. We send you a copy of the completed Notice to Owner form before it is mailed. Your NTO will be sent to all required parties by USPS Certified Signature Receipt mail for proof of delivery. We also keep copies of all documents on file, so if you should ever need the information in the future, we can locate and send it to you immediately. 

We strive to provide the fastest and easiest Notice to Owner (NTO) service in Florida. If you need your NTO to be sent/delivered with 48 hours, please contact us right away to learn about our Rush Service (additional fees apply).

Submit your Notice to Owner request form ONLINE by clicking here, or click here to print and download the form to fax to us at (407)442-0755.

Once you submit your Notice to Owner request form, we begin to research tax records, property records, and permit records to make sure that your Notice to Owner form is completed correctly and that all parties required to receive the Notice to Owner are included.

We have the best turnaround time in the business to ensure your Notice to Owner form is served within the strict time limits required under Florida’s construction (mechanic’s) lien law (45 days from your first day of work on the project).

We also offer Notice of Intent to Lien form service as well as Notice of Nonpayment form service (for when you haven’t been paid on a public, bonded project.)