Florida Construction Lien Form

Do you need to file a Construction Lien (Mechanic’s Lien) in Florida?

Click on the links below to download the Florida Lien Form – you can choose between downloading the form in Microsoft Word (.docx) or in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf):

Florida Lien Form with Instructions (pdf file)

Florida Lien Form with Instructions (Word doc)

In the state of Florida, only the person filing the lien or a licensed attorney can write a lien. The form that we have provided includes the instructions to fill out each field included on the lien. We suggest that you retype the lien, making sure to keep the upper-left hand corner of the lien blank for use by the county recording department. The lien will need to be signed and notarized before recording with the county where the property that you are liening is located. If you were working for anyone other than the owner of the property, you cannot file a lien unless you sent out a Notice to Owner withing 45 days of your FIRST day of furnishing materials and/or labor. The lien must be recorded within 90 days of your LAST day on the job.