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Recent Feedback for The Notice Zone

We are incredibly thankful for all our clients! Every now and then we receive a special note or email from a satisfied client that makes our day. Here is what we found in our inbox this Monday morning:

We want to take a moment to THANK YOU for your help! 🙂 We FINALLY received a check and our situation is happily resolved. I will be keeping you on file and we WILL be sharing your business with others we may encounter that are willing to put forth the effort to hold people accountable.

You may refer to us as VERY SATISFIED customers and that we offer our highest recommendation that EVERYONE use your services when in need of filing on their own behalf. We thank you VERY VERY MUCH!


Phil and Dave  (“Super Dave’s”)

Our week is officially made! And we are all reminded that we should take the time to pass on gratitude, because it really does make a difference. Thank you, Phil and Dave, for taking them time to send such a nice email.

Contesting a Lien

What is a Contest of Lien?
In the state of Florida, contractors have 90 days from their LAST day of work on a property to file a lien upon the property for amounts due to them. Once the lien is recorded, it remains effective for one year. If the contractor does not hire an attorney to enforce the lien within that year, the lien automatically expires.

The property owner has the right, at any point during that year in which the lien is in effect, to record a Notice of Contest of Lien in the county where the original lien was recorded. The filing of the Notice of Contest of Lien by the property owner shortens the time period that the contractor has to enforce the lien from one year to just 60 days.

This information has been compiled from the Florida Department of Business and Regulation website. Visit their information page at:
The employees and principals of The Notice Zone, Inc. are not attorneys and do not practice law.

Why use a Notice to Owner service?

Florida state law allows only 45 days from your first day on the job to file a notice to owner your intent that you are working on a project as a subcontractor and expect to be paid. The best course of action is to file your notice to owner as soon as you begin or before you start a job. Sending a notice to owner is an inexpensive way to secure your lien rights. The Notice Zone can make that process easier for you.

Once you supply us with the name and address of the project, the name and address of the party that hired you and your name and address we will take care of the rest. The project is researched thoroughly so that all parties required receive the notice to owner form. Once you submit your notice to owner you will receive a confirmation that it was received. The research begins by searching tax records, property records, and permit records. This is done to make sure the form are filled out correctly and that all parties concerned are contacted.

The forms are then sent by certified mail usually within 48 hours of your submittal. The letter is tracked and the confirmation of delivery is recorded.  Using certified mail you have a sign document that the notice was received. Copies of all documents are sent to you and also kept on file should you ever need the information in the future. Rest assured that the correct research has been done and all the documents that are required by Florida property lien laws have been filed.

We are here 7 days a week to answer your calls and emails regarding your notice to owner. We also offer notice of nonpayment and notice of intent to lien services. These timely service can be critical to your business ownership.  Our commitment to fast service is what we are all about.